Dec 18, 2007

Secrets of the Kingdom - Gerald Posner

During the liberation of Kuwait President Bush, Sr. persuaded Saudi Arabia to help. In my opinion we blew the entire military action when we stopped short of eliminating Saddam Hussein and forcing some sort of regime change. I also noticed that the Saudis' were very reluctant allies.

9/11 woke the world to Islamic terrorism. Despite decades of individual acts if terrorism between Israel and Palestine, and despicable horrors visited upon Lebanon and other parts of the world, it took 9/11 to put fundamental, radical, Wahabbist style Islamic terror on the world stage. It's tap root was and is Saudi Arabia.

A few years went by and then, when the next President Bush rushed (rightly) our military forces back to Iraq to finish:
  • The Iraq threat to middle eastern stability.
  • Their threat to it's own Kurdish population.
  • And particularly the immediate threat to Israel.

Again the Saudis' were very reluctant allies. At the time I didn't understand why. Iraq under Saddam Hussein had the horsepower to remove the ruling family of Saudi Arabia and take over their oil fields. The Kingdom was at risk yet the Saudis' gave little support to Bush and Blair? Then we began to learn a little about the religion of Islam and the differences between the Shiites, Sunnis, and followers of the Wahabbi branch. We discovered, to our dismay, that the only basic tenet of all of the branches of the Islamic religion - is total intolerance for any other religion of belief system. All Muslims want all non-Muslims either converted or dead.

Perhaps the most committed Muslims are those that follow the Wahabbi branch. Wahhabism began in Saudi Arabia and is still dominant in that Kingdom. The terrorists of 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia. The medieval anti-western Wahabbi style of Islam that promotes terror as a means of expanding their religion is approved and sanctioned by the Saudi government.

Compared to all corrupt national governments - the Saudis are unbelievably corrupt. After reading this book any person will better understand how the Islamic world works. Most will be sad to find that terror born within this medieval religion is an evil visited upon an brainwashed individuals. There is no relief in sight. The only cure for the religion of Islam is a total revolution and rejection of it's vicious ideas.

No book other than Secrets of the Kingdom so clearly explains the danger of radical Islam.