Dec 18, 2007

The Shack - Young

An unusual book. Oddly not convincing - but still very interesting.
To be sure not every reader will react in the same way. A Christian believer in the Trinity will be more comfortable than most other readers. The Shack is not advertised as a religious book - yet exploring the relationship of the Christian Trinity to humanity is the central theme.
As the book propels the reader from one page to the next, conversations develop topics including: life, death, forgiveness, theology, relationships, guilt, sin, suffering, and pain. One of the members if tge Trinity (God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit) carries part of every discussion. The author's use of this literary device is perhaps too transparent.
For myself (a quite imperfect Christian), there was too much fantasy incorporated within the storyline. Deeply philosophical and religious conversations were glued onto a rather simple plot.
The verdict? A good (but mildly flawed) discussion of the unexplainable facts of life.