Dec 2, 2007

My African Journey - Churchill

This is a terrific book; small and illustrative of Britain's Empire back when Winston Churchill was a young man. The arrogance of the British as they explored the bush countries of Africa is fascinating.
The young Winston wrote this journal himself, and he did it well. He was a master of words even in his youth. The book is about a time that has passed. Young men out of British public (considered private in America) schools during the early 1900's, all wealthy, class conscious, ambitious and brave, on a well financed trek across an Africa with few, if any, poor and rutted roads.
For most of the book they walked on safari followed by 50 to 100 natives carrying tents, provisions, weapons, and supplies. It was a sporting expedition with political overtones, and what Winston saw and experienced is expressed with great skill.
A very good read.