Dec 5, 2007

America Alone - Steyn

This is an important book but not a particularly good one. Important because the author shines a bright light on a truth no one seems to be facing. Mr. Steyn has taken statistical facts about world demographics and extrapolated a dreadful future for civilization. His thesis is amazingly simple and can be expressed in two sentences:

(1) The birthrate of the most civilized societies has fallen and continues to fall, while in the least civilized societies the birth rate has been increasing rapidly.

(2) The inevitable result is that the most backward, deprived, uneducated and least humanitarian people of the world are taking over.

I've taken the following 16 points from the book. They are presented as facts:

(1) As fertility dries up, so do societies.

(2) Islam is the fastest growing religion in Europe and North America.

(3) In the United Kingdom more Muslims than Christians attend religious services every week.

(4) The world's largest country (Russia) is dying (low birthrate, AIDS, poor food distribution, and etc.) and the question is how violent its death throes will be.

(5) Russia is sitting on top of the biggest pile of nukes on the planet. Of course, they are all in secure facilities.

(6) Probably.

(7) At the present rate of change the fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim dominated continent within a few decades.

(8) To understand why the West seems so weak in the face of a laughably primitive enemy it is necessary to examine the demographic transformation undergone by almost every advanced nation since World War II.

(9) The bullying, intimidating side of Muslim immigration in Europe seems to be largely absent in America, in part at least because the assertiveness of the indiuvidual American makes it a riskier undertaking.

(10) The fact is that Europe is dying and America isn't. Europe's system doesn't work and America's does.
(11) Almost.

(12) Euro-Canadian socialized healthcare is, in essence, subsidized by American taxpayers: since the end of World War II, Washington has assumed the defense costs of it's allies, thereby freeing up those countries - including Canada - to spend their tax revenues on lavish social programs.

(13) European socialism is not sustainable even with American subsidies.

(14) The particular religion of Islam is historically a somewhat bloodthirsty faith in which whatever your bag violence-wise can almost certainly be justified.

(15) Yes, Christianity has had its blood drenched moments, but the Spanish Inquisition which remains a byword for theocratic violence, killed fewer people in 150 years than the current Islamic jihad does in one year.

(16) Every Muslim who is honest would say, I would like to see America become a Muslim country, and if I didn't think that I wouldn't be a Muslim.

I am reminded of Lindsay's dire predictions in his book "The Late, Great, Planet Earth". If I remember correctly the world was to end in 1988. It didn't. In America Alone the question becomes WHEN will the ignorant Muslim murderers take over?

Steyn says "soon".

I say "never".

Facts represent historical reality. They do not always extrapolate to an expected conclusion. In recent years Islam has gained while other large religions have lost. Two things jump into mind.

(1) The Islam of today teaches evil and will be purged by it's own members and ultimately find it's way back to the PEACEFUL RELIGION OF ISLAM.

(2) The other large religions will gain members by communicating their own humanity and ultimate goodness.

For these two events to happen, it will be necessary for humanity to gain and accept the primary idea of tolerance. Can it happen? Maybe.

More later . . .