Jun 25, 2009

Workin' on the Chain Gang - Walter Mosley

One of my many interests is "Black" History.

Sorry, but even before writing further, I need to rebel at the name "Black". It just isn't a proper description. I grew up with the word "negro" - and I still like it better. It is softer and prouder than black, colored or African-American. I think "Negro" History is superior. It has a positive, clear and distinctive ring to it. But onward.

This little book is the finest and most clearly written explanation of Negro history that I've ever read. It recalls a little of the James Baldwin anger, but only as it reasons the past and future for Negros in America.

It is disturbing that Negros are not, as a societal group, doing better in America. Many social critics blame slavery, predjudice, glass ceilings, poor education, discrimination in the courts, and so forth. Mosley does not.