Dec 11, 2007

The Thanatos Syndrome - Percy

I knew from the title that this book was somehow connected with evil. I read it with some reluctance. I've been curious about the meaning of the word
"thanatos". Apparently Freud used this word to describe nasty and unusual human tendencies. The word is preoccupied with death, unnatural sex and unspeakable evil. Suicide often terminates life.

I found the book to be exceptionally disturbing; especially the descriptions of child molestation and brutality. However, it is a well constructed and well written book. The plot revolves around the chemical alteration of a municipal water supply. It does not involve terrorism. The story is lead by disturbed characters trying to change society by chemical alteration of the brain.

At best this book is a vividly imagined, very evil study of malignant minds.

But it is not my cup of tea.