Dec 15, 2007

The Book Of Fate -

I've read only the first third of the book - and stopped. I am disturbed by the author's
mis-information about Freemasonry.
  • Some Masons may sell raffle tickets to raise money for a hospital somewhere, but ALL Masons do not.
  • He suggests Masons are "like the Shriners". Shriners ARE Masons.
  • He claims that Freemasonry grew "under the cover of charity". Masons tend to be openly charitable but that has very little (if anything) to do with the spread of Freemasonry.
  • The author says that Masons "claim to be harmless "but The Three know the truth". What is the hell does this mean. Baloney.
  • He goes on to say "even the church stood against the Masons at their founding". That's a bald faced lie.
  • He says "at their highest levels the Masons ancient goal has never changed". I guess he is trying to imply some nasty, secret Masonic ambition. There is none. The only Masonic goal is to spread good will and make men better.

I don't think I need to read further. Who needs anti-Masonric nonsense and poor scholarship.

This book is headed for the trash.